How to export to rich countries
The strategy of exporting to rich countries is a clear answer to the question of how to sell to such regions and countries as Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, China…

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достинекс для мужчин
How to become a real postindustrial?
It says a lot that the transition to a post-industrial economy has been launched. However, not all running processes succeed. Post-industrial transition is no exception. He can, as held, and…

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Internal marketing from professionals
A person is selfish, he always thinks about himself, about his own benefit. He only thinks about someone else’s benefit if he is motivated to do so. Such is the…

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Active marketing for effective business

Active marketing is attacking marketing. However, such marketing is very rare, because today’s world is very passive and passive marketing. The overwhelming majority of companies live in such a way that they don’t have to do something new, everyone seems to be “drifting.” Almost always businessmen do not differ from the majority, although they should be different.

Businessmen simply have to be active if they want to remain businessmen, because the market requires active marketing. However, sadly enough, most businessmen live according to the principle – opened a business, put it on its feet, and then lie on the couch and cut the money. They believe that as soon as the business is open and began to give income, it means that life is successful, it means you can relax and “cut the loot” on the existing business without straining the rest of your life.

The nature of business is such that it is constantly necessary to apply active marketing.

To think and apply such a strategy is a big mistake. Some sooner or later realize this mistake, while almost always too late, others do not realize and instead of businessmen they become “Don Quixote”, who then struggle all their life with “windmills”, including high taxes, aggressive competitors, and others. .

Nature is designed so that you can not relax, especially not if you are a businessman. The nature of business is such that it is constantly necessary to apply active marketing. A businessman who does not want to be left behind should become a marketer. If you relax, you degrade. Given that everything is degrading, degradation may not be noticeable at first. Then, as usual, it will burst out of the blue, suddenly.

There is only one way to avoid degradation – constant movement forward and only forward, through active marketing, because the market requires active marketing. You can of course try to constantly keep “acquired by overwork”, but this is a very energy-intensive and resource-intensive strategy. The world is designed so that there must be a constant dynamo. In business, there is only one technology to ensure dynamics – marketing.

In this case, marketing is not easy, but attacking active marketing. Active marketing is a constant readiness to go forward, master new and new frontiers, and carry out expansion. This is the only way to ensure the future of your business. An attacker is always an initiator of changes. Through marketing, you can change the markets, consumers, suppliers, the macroenvironment, the microenvironment.

Attacking marketing is active marketing.

At the same time, the goal of the attack is to create a dynamic for your company, and the dynamics are not simple, but one that will create more favorable conditions for it and ensure a greater amount of profits and revenues. If you look around, everything that has ever been received by anyone, almost always, except for cases of inheritance, was received as a result of an attack. Only through an attack can you get new markets, new consumers, the best suppliers.

Attacking marketing is active marketing, such marketing, in which the weather is not expected from the sea, but the right climate with the right weather is created. Attacking means “to be on the crest of a wave.” Only one who attacks can skim the cream for a successful future, while others will be content with “leftovers” if they of course remain. If a passive device can give a short-term result, while very, very precarious, then as a result of the attack, a situation is provided in which there will be a long-term result that hardly anyone will decide to attempt.

You can attack only when there is an attack system. The attack system is a marketing system, with an expansionary marketing system. The main characteristic of the expansionist system is to live not only in the present, but also in the future. To live in the future means to see oneself in the future, create plans for the future and ensure their realization.

At the same time, one of the main elements of the attack system are specialists engaged in creative work, because in order to live in the future, it is necessary to create something that has never happened before. It is necessary to create new products, it is necessary to create new marketing systems, it is necessary to create new ways of advertising, all this is “ammunition” through which the attack is carried out.

Create “ammunition” and apply them through marketing, actively apply, because the active use of marketing requires the market. The more activity on the market, the greater the results. In the modern world, the role of specialists in creativity and the “ammunition” they create is very great, because in fact the struggle is between creatives, and the rest of the company just “shoots” the “ammunition” they created .

Attacking marketing is not chaotic marketing, but “jewelry marketing”


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