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Find out the main secret of a successful business.

How to become a successful businessman? All you need to do to succeed is to imbue with the idea of ​​business, plunge into it with your head. Until a person is saturated with the idea of ​​business, he is an ordinary person. A businessman differs from an ordinary person in that he is imbued with the idea of ​​business, as if he was dipped into a business, as if doused with business. He seemed to drink the elixir of business.

Business is the realization of the idea that underlies it. A businessman is a person who realizes the idea of ​​business. Whatever a businessman does, he always gets a business. Every time a businessman does something, he realizes the idea of ​​a business with which he is saturated. If the idea of ​​business is not implemented in a person, if it is not pumped to it, it cannot be implemented.

An ordinary person is thoroughly imbued with the idea of ​​life. This is normal, because he spends all his time in the atmosphere of everyday life and is pumped from the tips of his fingers to the ends of his hair. He is soaked with it at 100%. What an ordinary person does not do, he gets “bytovuha”. An ordinary person is engaged in “bytovuhoy”, and not in business, even if he has some kind of “own business”.

Successful businessmen are not born, they become. How to become a successful businessman? First of all, you need to understand what kind of idea underlies the business as such, and pump it. The secret of all successful businessmen lies precisely in the fact that they understood what idea lies at the core of the business, and they were pumped to it, which ultimately led them to success in business.

An ordinary person acquires business thinking and becomes a businessman only after pumping the idea of ​​business.

Only knowledge of the idea that underlies the business and deep pumping of it allows successful businessmen to do business, not “bytovuha”. They were not born pumped by this idea, so they were not born as businessmen either. Initially, they were simple people, like everyone. They did not have a business mindset, so initially they were engaged in bytovuhoy.

An ordinary person acquires business thinking and becomes a businessman only after pumping the idea of ​​business. It gives a person a business mindset. If the idea is not implemented and there is no pumping it, then there is no business thinking. It appears and turns on only after pumping the idea of ​​business as such, as a result of which a person begins to think like a businessman.

This businessman must be pumped with the idea of ​​business. And the deeper pumped, the more he is a businessman. Entry-level businessmen pumped up business ideas by about 20%. Businessmen average level of 50%. Businessmen high level 100%. Business sharks, real business-volchars are pumped by the idea of ​​business by 500% and more.

If you want to figure out how to become a real businessman, you first need to understand what kind of idea underlies the business as such. Not a specific business, but a business in itself, a business in its purest form. Many people think that they know this idea, but in fact, very few people really know it, and they have a real business as a result.

Most people, even among those who seem to be engaged in business, do not know this idea, thus do not realize it and thus, in fact, are engaged in anything, but not in business. Maximum they have assumptions about this idea, or have thoughts, but not an idea. It’s impossible to build a real business on the assumptions and thoughts, we need an idea.

Without an idea, you can build your own business, you can have some extra work, you can have self-employment, but not a business. You can have a business only if you get a business idea. Pumping the idea of ​​business – it can be said installation in the mind of a person intelligent driver for business. By default, such a driver is not installed.

A simpler, more reliable and efficient way to become a real businessman is to get training “Immersion in Business”

Powerful, 100% and more, pumping business with an idea gives not only an understanding of the business, but also a connection to the business environment. Egregor of business is a kind of server that is in the collective unconscious and contains all the information about the business, including its future. Pumped 100% or more businessman gets access to it.

You can learn the idea that lies at the heart of the business, get it, and thus understand how to become a real businessman, by trial and error or, in other words, by scientific method. But it is a long and difficult path that does not guarantee success. A simpler, more reliable and effective way to become a real businessman is to get training “Immersion in Business”.

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