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Internal marketing from professionals

A person is selfish, he always thinks about himself, about his own benefit. He only thinks about someone else’s benefit if he is motivated to do so. Such is the truth of life. By itself, he will never think about how to do well to others. This is how a person works, that if he is not motivated to work for your business using internal marketing, he begins to work for himself, using his resources.

There are many ways to motivate employees to work for a business. The most popular way is money. It is believed that the more you pay, the higher the loyalty and desire to work for you. This is mistake. The reality is that a person works not for your business, but for money. By giving more money, you only motivate a person to ask for more.

Hired work is a compromise between working for yourself and the company. A compromise may be parity, in favor of the employee or in favor of the company. An employee who is not motivated to work for the company, works for himself, building his personal business within its framework at the expense of the company. Internal marketing is the way to make it work for the company.

People are driven by ideas. However, not all ideas, but only those that they consider their own. Accordingly, in order for the employee to be loyal to the company, he must feel the idea of ​​this company as his own. He will work on the idea, on himself and at the same time on the company, often without understanding it himself. For a person not to work for money, he needs to give ideas.

Internal marketing is a way of transmitting the idea of ​​a company to its employees so that it perceives it as their own. Getting an idea, a person wants to realize it. Working, he realizes it. Moreover, if the idea is unique, then nowhere else, except in your company, it will not be able to implement it. Thus, the company receives a 100% loyal specialist.

Studies show that companies that broadcast the idea to their employees are more successful, strong and profitable. Such companies have lower costs and staff turnover. Employees of such companies are well aware of what they should do, when to do it, and most importantly why. The idea unites all those who work in the company into a single and harmonious mechanism that turns them into a car.

The basis of internal marketing
It seems everything is clear – take the idea of ​​business and broadcast it. But there are two problems. The first is that not all companies have an idea. Many companies operate without an idea, automatically, mechanically. The second problem is that there is often an idea, but under its influence only one business founder works, not transmitting it to his employees.

If a person is employed at a company, but is not pumped out with her idea, he, in fact, is not part of the business, and it can be said does not work for him

When a business has no idea, or when only its founder works under its influence, then the business does not constitute a single whole. Then, within its framework, there are many local businesses for each of the workers who actually parasitize on the main business. Instead of making a contribution to the business, on the contrary, they take resources and money from him.

If a person is employed at a company, but is not pumped out with her idea, he, in fact, is not part of the business, and it can be said that he does not work for him. First of all, because he does not know the idea for which he needs to work. Therefore, he has no choice but to work for himself, for his idea. Without an idea, a person cannot do anything at all; he needs it like air.

Without pumping the idea of ​​business, the employee issues a product that does not fit the company, does not match his idea. In fact, he sells himself to the company, sells his idea, his product to the company, he is fed from the company, without giving anything in return. Internal marketing is the only way to correct the situation and to make employees work for the business to the maximum extent.

To launch it, you need to clearly articulate the idea of ​​a business using a legramma and begin to broadcast it, pumping all the company’s employees with it. After pumping, the idea to infiltrate them, and they will begin to implement it, becoming a truly part of the company, will start working on it. Begin to create the product that really suits the company.

Internal marketing is a company promotion for employees. However, it’s not the company itself that is moving forward, but its idea. The idea of ​​business is its basis, its core. People pumped by the idea, perceive it as part of themselves, and therefore the business as their own. The more powerful the business idea is, the more it affects workers, the more they want to work for the company.

Launching internal marketing
Business must have a foundation. The only real basis of business is the idea. The more powerful it is, the more people it has pumped, the deeper the pumping, the stronger.

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